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 The Book of Books: Recommended Reading: Best Books

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PostSubject: The Book of Books: Recommended Reading: Best Books   Fri Oct 07, 2016 11:43 am

The Book of Books: Recommended Reading: Best Books (Fiction and Nonfiction) You Must Read, including the Best Kindle Books & works from the ... Writers (The Book of Books Series) (Volume 1) by Editors of The Book of Books

Editors of The Book of Books
ISBN: 1499728042
252 pages
11 MB

Quote :

Tired of books you can't get into? Here's the cure. You'll never start a fiction or nonfiction book you won't love. It's continuously updated too, and updates are free.

FICTION & NONFICTION: Yes, both. Recommended books include not just the must-read books and critics' favorites, but lesser-known good books from book club recommendations to Pulitzer Prize winning nonfiction. The selections go beyond just the popular standards; they are the standouts among contemporary books as well as time-tested classics including the best fiction picks of 125 top authors and the most compelling true-life adventures.

FICTION: Big sales are not the only gauge of worth, though our reading recommendations don't ignore the bestsellers either; rather we look for authors with a knack for story-telling as well as those that have perfected a particular writing style. (See "Perfect Fiction" below.)
NONFICTION: We strive to steer you to books by the latest, most respected authorities. Recommended books are by the foremost experts in their fields, including Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners. In some instances we call upon outside experts to make our picks too. For example, Sports Illustrated picks the best sports books; Fortune magazine chooses the best business books. In the case of biographies and memoirs, we recommend only the best ones on a particular individual, since there are so many out there on the same person. Here, you'll find only the best biographies and memoirs, the best written ones that tell the whole story.

PERFECT FICTION is not just every great novelist's goal; it was also the goal in selecting inclusions in this extraordinarily thorough guide to books. An experienced team of literary professionals chose works that meet three important criteria found in only the best fiction:
1. A story so good you don't want it to end
2. Unforgettable characters
3. Writing that hooks you on the first page

This one-stop solution to the best books goes beyond just the most popular books and favorites. Whether you're looking for nonfiction by a Pulitzer Prize winning expert, book club recommendations for a great nove,l or a must-read book everyone is talking about, it's easy to find them. We even offer links to buy them online with one click. It's a simple solution to the complex problem of finding good books in a sea of mediocrity. This literary guide focuses on just the best fiction and nonfiction. Use our guide and you'll never crack a book you won't love reading. This is our promise.

The modest price of this literary guide is far less than the cost of a book you won't want to finish. And what is the "down time" you spend on a disappointing book is worth? Probably a lot. Save money and valuable reading time. Take advantage of our expert opinions covering 116 literary genres of fiction and nonfiction-over 1,000 recommended books in all

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The Book of Books: Recommended Reading: Best Books
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