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 German - How to Speak and Write It

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PostSubject: German - How to Speak and Write It   Sat Oct 29, 2016 12:17 pm

German - How to Speak and Write It
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Quote :

German - How to Speak and Write It
An easy approach to the language, with the aid of numerous illustrations and a new phonetic system of pronunciation
By Joseph Rosenberg
Odham's Press Ltd/Asia Publishing House | ISBN: N/A | 384 pages | PDF | 22.3 mb
scanned to PDF by me.

This book is specially designed to make the study oi' German language easy and interesting. The thirty lessons in this, where the typical everyday activities of two German families are narrated, help the student not only to assimilate the language naturally but also sustain his in-terest throughout. The rules of grammar are explained in a simple manner and are made easy to understand by their use in everyday phrases. There is an unique, easy-to-follow key to pronunciation. Numerous photographs and drawings help familiarize the student with objects and actions as expressed in German.
There are exercises after each lesson with their answers at the end of the volume. A Study Guide, contributed by Dr. Richard Friedenthal, gives an inte-resting account of German life and litera-ture and also a list of books for further study.
The following brief summary indicates the variety and scope of the contents:

How TO USE THE COURSE: The method explained-Simple rules for pronunciation
LESSONS 1-5: Introducing the Schulzes and Lessings-Simple statements and ques-tions
LESSONS 6-10: Clothing-Family relation-ships-The calendar and seasons- Names of fruit and flowers-Telling the time
LESSONS 11-15: Jewellery-Sitting and dining-room objects-The weather and universe
LESSONS 16-20: The Schulzes go by train to Berlin-The Lessings' home-At the hotel
LESSONS 21-25: Getting up-Bedroom and bathroom - Shopping expeditions - Lunch in a restaurant
LESSONS 26-30: At the dentist's-Sports and entertainments-By road to the seaside-Journey to England
SUMMARY OF GRAMMAR: Essential rules arranged for ready reference
CORRESPONDENCE: Guide to letter-writing

This is a very old book belonging to my father that he used in the 60's. Its in bad shape. Binding is gone, pages are loose & discolored, some are eaten up. I wanted to preserve it in digital format, so with great effort & difficulty, I managed to scan it over 10 days. And I am sharing it for the benefit of all German learners. It has lots of illustrations & B&W photos. I have OCRed it in both languages. Also added chapterwise bookmarks. Hope you like the scan quality.


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German - How to Speak and Write It
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