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 Military History - 2016 Full Year Issues Collection

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PostSubject: Military History - 2016 Full Year Issues Collection   Tue Nov 08, 2016 11:59 pm

Military History - 2016 Full Year Issues Collection - True PDF
English | 6 issues | True PDF | 200 MB

Quote :

Military History Monthly - The History of Conflict: On Land, at Sea, and in the Air

Conflict is exciting, compelling, tragic . and war determines history. Think Hastings, Bosworth, D-Day. Every conflict produces its own tales of derring-do and its own heroes who are remembered in their own country and beyond: Henry V, Nelson, Montgomery .

Military History Monthly is the new monthly magazine that brings the battles to life with action-packed narrative and authoritative detail. We tell the real stories of the heroes, both celebrated and forgotten, and battles and feats of daring on land, at sea, and in the air.

But Military History Monthly is not just about telling the stories; we lift the fog of war, and cut through the victors’ propaganda, to truly analyse what really happened, why decisions were made, and, importantly, who really won. We look at the new research, and the new theories, to bring unparalleled analysis and expert opinion of our military history, and show just how relevant it is to our military today.

The main focus of Military History Monthly is on Britain’s own military history, and 20th century conflicts, but we also report on both the battles that affected the lives of earlier generations too - and the conflicts that Britain is involved in today.

Enjoy Military History Monthly every month - the new magazine for everyone fascinated by the history of conflict.

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Military History - 2016 Full Year Issues Collection
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